All Boating. No Towing

The Valet
Members of Aqua Marine Valet enjoy freedom from towing and launching their boat, and spend more time on the water. Interested in understanding more about how it works? Not only will we valet your boat to the water, but we take care of your car while you’re out. No need to worry about finding street side parking during busy boating season in the Okanagan. For a full list of valet procedures, click here.

Winter Lay-Up
When you become a member at Aqua Marine Valet, you also get complimentary winter storage on-site. With on-site overnight security and winterization services available, you won’t need to move your boat when the boating season is done. We also offer on-site shrink-wrapping services.

On-Site Mechanic
Our members enjoy exclusive access to our certified on-site Marine Mechanic. Whether your service needs are big or small, you can feel confident with your boat under the watchful eyes of our experienced boating professionals. 

On-Site Detailing
Want to have your boat in pristine condition before hitting the lake? Aqua Marine Valet has Boat Detailing Professionals on-site with a variety of packages to choose from. Whether you want a basic detail or a full wet-sanding, we can make it happen.

Member Benefits

Discounted Marine Fuel and Water
In addition to all of the benefits listed above, our members can request to have their boat filled with fuel at anytime. We will fill it up and have it ready for your next boating adventure. Why is this a member benefit? Our fuel is premium marine grade and we have member-pricing, which means our fuel will always be cheaper than the lake!!! We will also top off your boat's freshwater tank upon request as well.

Safety and Security
At Aqua Marine Valet, the safety of you, your guests, your car, and your boat is our top priority. With experienced and well-trained staff, our team adheres to a strict set of procedures and rules to ensure that the greatest care is taken. In addition to security systems, Aqua Marine Valet also has a security guard who lives on-site 12 months a year. 

Reserve Your Spot

Aqua Marine Valet Offers Long Term Boat Storage and Valet Services. Contact us today:

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