About Airport Village

Airport Village is located along Highway 97 in Kelowna, BC, the northern gateway to the city of Kelowna. It is bound on three sides: to the east by Highway 97 serving north/south communities, to the south by Airport Way that connects directly to Kelowna International Airport, and to the west by Quail Ridge Boulevard.

The site is approximately 148,495 SF (3.41 acres). The topography of the site is generally flat with gentle embankment at the east property adjacent to the Highway.

Airport Village will consist of a single-storey commercial development with a leasable floor area of approximately 40,000 SF with a Nesters Food Market grocery store and several commercial retail stores. There are two drive-thru retail units planned.

Three stand-alone buildings straddle along the edge of Airport Way, Quail Ridge Boulevard and Highway 97 to form a street wall for each respective street and highway. Vehicular access to the site will be via Quail Ridge Boulevard with driveway access to the parking lot centrally located.

A total of 162 parking stalls are provided to service the development. There is provision for pedestrian and bicycle linkages to all three buildings. A network of wide sidewalks connects all three buildings. Loading and garbage/recycling facilities are strategically located to be concealed from the street.

Download the complete Airport Village Brochure.