It’s Award Season

It’s fun to write blog posts about the awards we have won. It’s newsworthy, positive recognition for our communities and easy to come up with the content. The only challenge is figuring out if our readers* care.

*I know there are at least two people reading our blog posts, because I’ve checked the stats.

We have a line we use to sum up our position on awards – “While we like winning awards, the greatest award is a satisfied customer.” It may sound a little cheesy, but it is true.

So what motivates us to enter competitions and win awards? And why should it matter to a potential homeowner?

We are dedicated to becoming a truly great builder. Winning awards is one of the measures we use to find out how we are doing. If we don’t win, it’s a reminder that we need to be better. The awards are secondary to customer feedback, but the recognition of industry peers is still meaningful on many levels.

Potential homeowners, who may not value awards when they compare properties, may want to consider what owning in an award-winning community and buying from an award-winning builder means. In the very least it means that the builder believes enough in their own products that they will spend the time and money to enter various competitions. It also means that industry experts judged the homes and communities to be superior to the competition.

As consumers, we’re all skeptical of marketing messages. It’s tough to sort through the fluff, but if you’re considering a home built by a company who has a long history of winning awards, it should count for something.

Over the past few weeks Mission Group and our communities have received a number of awards. Dwell received the OMREB Building Award for outstanding townhome community, and is a finalist for two Tommie Awards including Townhome Community of the Year. Mode won the UDI Award for Best of the Okanagan and a PowerSence Award from Fortis. In addition to the community awards, Mission Group is also a Tommie finalist for Outstanding Customer Service, a category in which we won Gold in 2007 and 2009.

We hope the awards will have some meaning to our customers. Regardless, it’s still nice to add a few more feathers to our hardhats.


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