We build new homes with an Inspired Green® approach

At Mission Group, we take an Inspired Green® approach with all of our new home communities. This means that we look for ways to minimize the environmental impact in every aspect of our work. We start with the big picture, such as land use and protecting the sites' natural processes. Our attention extends all the way down to details like the choice of non off-gassing interior finishes, like flooring and paint.

Our aim is to lessen our environmental footprint in five areas – energy, water, air quality, recycling and climate change. We use energy efficient appliances and furnaces, low-e windows and, where possible, solar and geothermal heating and cooling to reduce energy consumption. Water conservation is achieved with features like low flush toilets, water wise landscaping and faucets with aerators.

Air quality in the home is improved with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) carpets and paints. By using recycled building materials we reduce waste. Climate change can be fought by reducing urban sprawl, and our new home communities are typically located near schools, parks, shopping and work, which encourages homeowners to walk, bike or take public transit.

Every community has unique opportunities and our environmental stewardship is a common component of every home we create. We fully support protecting bio-diverse and agricultural lands, thus preserving more green space.

Mission Group is a member of Built Green Canada and have a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional on staff to help guide our Inspired Green® goals.

Mission Group Communities

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“Their detailed record keeping and transparency allowed us to feel comfortable with the changes we made affecting contracts and budgets. ”
- Delta Controls Inc, OEM Sales Manager

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