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Sweeping views and inspiring access to the most storied location on the lake is where the dream begins. With a mix of public and private amenities, our vision for Aqua is to be an asset for all. It is with great humility, care and attention that we take on this challenge.

Plans for Aqua include an impressive indoor boat storage and valet service that will expand on the current operations of Aqua Marine Valet.

City Council Approves Rezoning Application - May 3, 2017

On May 2nd, 2017, after a year in planning and community consultation, the rezoning bylaw for Aqua was given unanimous support by Kelowna City Council.  With this decision, the Aqua planning team will now shift its’ focus to achieving the next step in the approvals process, the Development Permit.  The DP is the final step in the public approvals process in which the City must consider the plan’s design and the Mission Group’s request for a variance to building heights.  More information will be provided in the near future. 


Planning Update - April 7, 2017

Evolution of the Aqua Plan...

A good plan is always the result of broad community perspectives and the Aqua plan - from its original form, nearly ten years ago to the form that the plan takes today – has had the benefit of input from many of our neighbours, Kelowna residents, our design team and Kelowna City staff. 

The planning process has been especially interesting because the unique character of the Mission Creek neighbourhood has driven a strong commitment to creating not just the housing and accommodation opportunities envisioned in the Community Plan but also to enhancing the neighbourhood’s role in the recreational and social networks for the whole community.

In October, 2016, following a series of community meetings, Mission Group submitted a formal application to the City.  Since then, we have been working with City staff to address issues that were raised during the consultation process, including:

  • Ensuring that the Aqua Marine Valet building - with its commercial marine application - fits this location both functionally and architecturally; and
  • Improving the public spaces for pedestrians, cyclists, neighbours and visitors who are naturally drawn to this area.
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Design Improvements to the AMV Building

The growing demand for moorage and the visual and environmental benefits of maintaining dry-land boat storage (as opposed to a marina) provide a strong rationale for the AMV facility.  However, during our consultation process, the community indicated that the building’s location – visible from Lakeshore, Cook and Truswell - demanded additional design work to improve the structure’s relationship to the street and its overall attractiveness and fit.

Addressing these concerns, a number of changes have been made to the AMV building, including:

  • The building height has been reduced from six (6) to four (4) stories and will house 200 boats (the same number currently accommodated);
  • Setbacks between the street and the building have been improved along Cook and Truswell Roads for enhanced landscaping and a more open feel from the adjacent public spaces; and
  • The addition of architectural features which will 'animate' the building, including a second floor 'clubhouse' addition and a glassed-in 'pop-out', marine-themed display case on Truswell.
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Enhancements to Public Spaces - Creating a Great "People Place"

webiste aqua v2.png

Perhaps the most important changes to the plan have been in the public realm in order to create a better experience for pedestrians, cyclists, neighbours and residents using the Mission Greenway and connections to the new lakefront boardwalk. 

Enhancing public gathering places – The plan now includes a small commercial building to be located at Capozzi and Truswell, across from Water’s Edge.  This space is a natural meeting place and will enable residents, neighbours and passersby to stop, sit and enjoy rest and refreshment in the plaza environment.

Expanding the connection to the lake (the ‘Mews’ & ‘Marine Alley’) – The connection from Capozzi to the lakefront boardwalk has been widened and the base of the adjacent building has been set back to accommodate a row of 3-storey townhomes fronting this corridor.  The result is a transformation of that narrow footpath into an open, human-scaled ‘mews’.  In addition, an inviting new pedestrian connection (“Marine Alley”) has been created between Cook Road and the lake, adjacent to the public boat launch.

Assuring public access and connections – The design of the lakefront board walk is taking shape and the final design of the public beach must yet be approved by the Provincial Ministry of Environment.   The boardwalk - connecting from the Truswell/Capozzi junction to the lake (via the ‘mews’), along the beachfront and across the boat launch to connect with the sections which now front the Eldorado and Manteo, will all be dedicated to the City of Kelowna. 

Next Steps...

Public Information Meeting:            April 25, 2017*
Council Consideration:                    April/May, 2017*
Marketing/Sales Information:          Fall, 2017*

*More information to follow

For more information, please contact Mary Lapointe, Community Relations at or 250-826-7670.

Public Open Houses  -  Held August 18th and September 22nd, 2016

The Aqua plan is for a multi-phase residential (townhome and condominium) community and will bring with it a series of public benefits including a new connection between the Mission Creek Greenway and the lakefront, a new section of the lakefront public boardwalk, naturalization and remediation of the lakefront and upgrades to the public boat launch and surrounding road and parking infrastructure. Aqua Marine Valet will remain as part of the long term plan for the property being reconfigured and accommodated indoors. 

We have hosted two public open house meetings (August 18th and September 22nd) to present preliminary plans for Aqua to the community.  Both were held at the Hotel Eldorado and were well attended by neighbours and the community at large.  During these meetings, we also asked for community input and the comments we received have helped us to continue to refine the concept.  Attached below are the information panels shown at the first meeting and the new panels, based on the feedback we received, which were added for the second meeting.

What’s Next?
Over the coming weeks and months, as we submit our application to the City of Kelowna, our planning work will continue and the Aqua plan will continue to be refined.  Through that process, the community will have further opportunities to view and comment on the plan.

Please see the “Stay Informed” tab to sign up for future updates.

If you would like more information or would like to provide feedback, please contact Mary Lapointe, Community Relations at 250-826-7670 or

Open House #2 Panels - September 22, 2016


Open House Summary - August 18, 2016

We are happy to share that we held our first open house last Thursday, August 18 to showcase preliminary plans for the Aqua site.  The event was held at the Hotel Eldorado and was very well attended.  Below is a summary of the information panels that were shared.

Aqua will include a multi-phased residential community which will also bring a series of public benefits, including connecting Mission Creek Greenway and the lakefront, a new public lakefront boardwalk, upgrades to the public boat launch and surrounding road infrastructure.  Aqua Marine Valet will remain as part of the long term plan for the property being reconfigured and accommodated indoors.

What’s Next?
This was the first of several opportunities for the public to discuss the project and provide feedback.  We will continue to engage the community with future sessions in the coming months as we begin our formal development application process with the City of Kelowna.  Please see the “Stay Informed” tab to sign up for future updates.

If you would like more information or would like to provide feedback, please contact Mary Lapointe, Community Relations at 250-826-7670 or

Open House #1 Panels - August 18, 2016