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Nature’s breathtaking splendor is in perfect balance with this premier lakefront community.

Located on seventy acres of forested hillside sweeping up from the water’s edge, this exclusive sanctuary has homesites ranging from two to four and three quarter acres, with private moorage.

Sheerwater by Mission Group

Owners at Sheerwater are greeted by an entry monument that acknowledges their arrival at a special time and place in their lives. The monument’s inspiration and impressive form sets a standard for how design and architecture can enhance this majestic setting.

The architectural and landscape design controls in place feature native and natural materials, which ensures a level of distinction throughout the community that protects and enhances each homeowner’s investment. Many call it nature’s masterpiece, only a few call it home.

“Everything went extremely well and on time. We love our new home. Our 3 year old son says - Hello, new house! every time he comes in the door. ”
- Denise B., Mission Group Homeowner

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