• Donation & SPONSORSHIP Requests

Community Giving

At Mission Group, we believe the long-term success of our business is inextricably linked to the long-term prosperity of the neighbourhoods we build in. We know that the more people can benefit from what we do, the more our community prospers as a whole.

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to support a number of community partners, organizations, events, and initiatives over the years. We know more than most that many hands make light work, so we also encourage our employees to take a paid day off each month to volunteer for a cause they may support personally. When our community thrives, we thrive — giving back is just one of many ways in which we invest in a vision for collective prosperity.

Sponsorship Pillars

Whether through volunteer manpower or a financial contribution, we do our best to provide support to initiatives that align with our values.

At present, our criteria for sponsorship relates to housing and shelter-oriented causes, assisting families in need, supporting the health and wellbeing of our city’s residents, and community enrichment.


Our Core Values

Build it Right

We are honest, transparent and committed to doing the right thing with uncompromising integrity. We know that what is right is not the same as what is easy, and while we may fall short at times, we always make it right. This is our foundation.

Build it Better

We take selfless pride in our work, knowing short-cuts are short-term thinking. We look beyond what works to discover what delights. The extra mile is the hardest, but it sets us apart.

Build it Together

We humbly and enthusiastically put the needs of others first to best serve our team and our community’s success. We know we are better through collaboration, and we care for each other and our customers with an uncommon level of generosity and hospitality.

Build it Joyfully

Our work should be fun. We work hard with great people on great projects, but we always enjoy the journey. We celebrate our successes and maintain a sense of humour, even when things get difficult.