• Ella Penthouse kitchen in Kelowna; apartment kitchen with island, dinning table, white chair and skyscraper facing outside during the day

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Casually elegant homes just steps from the best of downtown, all set to a backdrop of showstopping lake views — welcome to ELLA living.


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See Our Floorplans

ELLA’s unique floorplans are carefully considered to make daily living a pleasure and sweeping views take a central role. Explore our available floorplans as well as the stunning views.

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A Taste of Elegant Downtown Living

Steps from the best of downtown, life at ELLA is unmatched.

Walk into your stunning lakeview home with our video tour to get a taste of the ELLA lifestyle.

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Where Urban Sophistication Meets Natural Beauty

The streets of downtown Kelowna’s engaging Bernard District are lined with brick heritage buildings, offering up an urban bounty of independent coffee shops, contemporary restaurants and boutique shopping, with the lakeshore a languid moment away.


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Color Schemes

Choose from two distinct colour schemes to fit your individual design aesthetic. Warm, dark tones add richness to daily living, while lighter tones deliver a contemporary coolness. Both colour schemes are sleek and simple, creating the perfect backdrop to your personal touches.

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Bathroom Dark Bathroom Light
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Mission Group

Mission Group is dedicated to providing an outstanding home ownership experience. We know that well-planned, well-built homes in beautiful settings give our homeowners a sense of pride and fulfillment, and a place to create lasting memories of their own.

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ELLA Tower + Show Suites

1588 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC