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    “Canadian Club Buys Stacker Crane”

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KELOWNA, British Columbia — “Mission Group has purchased a customised eight-ton all-electric semi-automated Capria top-running stacker crane for its Aqua Boat Club on Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Aqua Boat Club Buys Stacker Crane | Marina World Magazine

The machine, which will be installed in a clubhouse due to open in spring 2023, will serve vessels up to 35ft (10.6m) and 17,600lbs (8,000kg). To retain the community’s waterfront view, the 30,160ft (2,802m) drystack building will be positioned away from the shoreline.

With an aisle width of 116ft (35m), the building design cannot accommodate forklifts but is ideal for Capria machinery. The crane will keep the operator at eye-level with the forks and boat even when reaching the 64ft (19.5m) ceiling. Accidental bumps will be virtually eliminated because of the semi-automation.

When pulled from the racks, boats will be placed on a hydraulic trailer and transported to a ramp for both seasonal and daily launching. The building will provide storage for up to 200 member-owned vessels.”


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