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The Block was designed to optimize employee health and wellbeing. View Glass technology allows increased access to natural light for more motivated and satisfied employees.

Discover how view smart windows work

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Enjoy the following benefits with View Smart Windows:


  • Unobstructed Views of Okanagan Lake: View Smart Windows automatically tint, eliminating the need for blinds or shades while providing permanently unobstructed views
  • Increased Employee Comfort: View Smart Windows provide ample natural light while controlling heat and glare ensuring employees are comfortable in their space all-day
  • Enhanced Employee Wellbeing: Optimized natural light is scientifically proven to improve occupant health, wellbeing, and productivity
  • Better Business Outcomes: View Smart Windows are proven to increase employee productivity and further motivate employees to return to the office


View Smart Windows are research-backed:


View Smart Window’s Intelligent Tint Solution

View Smart Windows tint automatically based on outdoor and indoor conditions to offer you optimal comfort at all times.

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Never Lose Your View

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In addition to the standard benefits of View Smart Windows, tenants of The Block can opt for advanced subscriptions including digital augmentation and interactivity, infrastructure-boosting technology and more.
Contact us to learn more about the available options.